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Letter to the Editor: Daily News
SUBMITTED TO THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS in response to "Hands Off Our School."

To the Editor:

When Julia Richman parents met with DOE officials, they insisted the new proposed building would be designed just as we wanted. Now Mr. Smarr states (Erin Einhorn, "Hands off our School!") that the new building will have 2,300 hundred students, a substantial increase from what it is now. Who made that decision? Not the JREC community. And who's this developer Mr. Smarr says will be responsible for the new building? Certainly not someone whose concern will be the JREC community. Could it be more obvious that this is about a real estate deal, and not about educating our children?

Rooted in the community, the Julia Richman complex successfully serves children from every racial and economic background. The city should celebrate these schools, rather than once again showing its disregard for low-income and families of color. Shame on those pushing this unethical and discriminatory proposal. We are not moving.

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