The Julia Richman Complex

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A collection of articles highlighting the achievements of the Julia Richman Education Complex:


Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation:
Education Grantee Newsletter

Book: Creating New Schools: How Small Schools are Changing American Education
edited by Evans Clinchy, Teachers College Press, 2001. Chapter 7 is on Julia Richman

Book: High Schools on a Human Scale
Thomas Toch | Beacon Press

Divide and Conquer: How breaking up big high schools can be the key to successful education reform.
Thomas Toch | Washington Monthly

Book Review (Toch): "Book Touts Virtues of Small High Schools"

Big Schools Reborn in Small World
Michael Dobbs | The Washington Post

Small Schools Project: Julia Richman Education Complex

An Urban Small School Success Story
Craig Mason | Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

Multiplex Schools Having An Impact
Greg Toppo | USA Today

Third Statewide Conference on Schools Facilities Planning and Design
Ann Cook, Speaker

Urban Academy: As A Student Views It
Carnegie Reporter

Unlimited Talent at Talent Unlimited High School
Katarazyna Kozanecka | Education Update Online

Benefit Concert: Ella Baker School To Raise Money For Multi-media Arts Programming and Graduation

Thinking Small
Mike Kennedy | American School and University